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- Bianca J.


Mommypreneur / eCommerce Professional / Business Consultant

"I decided to become a mommyprenuer because my freedom is extremely important to me. Having the freedom to go on field trips, doctors appointments, and be a volunteer mom without having to ask for time off, has meant less stress and anxiety; something a lot of us moms deal with.


Being a mommypreneur has also allowed me to save on daycare costs, gas, create my own schedule, and be there

when my children need me the most which is


Why I decided to become a mommypreneur...

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  • A mommypreneur is a mother, single or married, who decided to turn her passion into a part-time or full-time business.


  •  She is someone who knows how to balance being a mother and a business owner, without compromise.


  •  She is ambitious, driven, and motivated to succeed for herself and her family.  

  • To create a supplemental income that can help you pay bills, save, and/or pay off debt.


  •  To have the freedom to create your own schedule and work at your own pace.


  •  To build something you can later pass on to your children.

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